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Welcome! We use this web domain to host our family email.

Some thoughts on life: We're not here for long. Take good care of those around you. Respect. Learn why each is part of your experience. If someone makes a mess, help clean up—others have picked up after you includng your mother and father. (And your Father, too!) If you hurt someone, say you're sorry. Smile. Cherish friends. Find new friends. But especially cherish your family—friends will come and go in your life, but your parents will always have your back.

Don't step on the flowers. Take care of what you're blessed with. Storms come. They're part of the experience. Don't run for cover. Enjoy the rain. Even if it rains too much or too long. Learn. Happiness is a choice. Anger is a choice. Sadness comes. Learn from it. Grief serves a purpose—just don't let it keep you down, but propel you. The sun comes up tomorrow… thanks to the Son.

And … here are the children of our family. A happy bunch of silly people.

Miner Children